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PWP Recipes, Formulas or Guidelines for SoftWashing, Roof Cleaning, Degreasing and Rust Removal

General Formulas:

These formulas are general guidelines. ALWAYS TEST an area FIRST and out of sight.  Ask when the home or building was last painted.  Some softwashers will not wash a home or building if it was painted under a year ago.  Many softwashers carry cans of spray paint in white, off-white or gutter touch-up paint to touch up affected surfaces. Educating your customers prior to providing your service will prevent costly misunderstandings. For example, most algae does not easily adhere or grow on a slick and shiny surface.  Once streaked gutters are cleaned, they may appear not as glossy because the damage occurred to the surface prior to brightening and cleaning the gutters.  

Please keep your recipes simple.  Before adding anything to your recipe, EXHAUST yourself researching whether or not it will negatively react with the sodium hypochlorite (SH) or anything else including your equipment.  Do not buy the outdoor Chlorox that has been sitting on the shelf.  It is weak. Time is money.

ALWAYS take before and after pictures of EVERY JOB including dead plants and previously damaged property or roof tile.  Having photographic evidence of dead plants, property damage, broken tiles or shingles before you arrived or against a dirty home or building prior to providing your services will save you thousands of dollars in replacing plant life or repairs that should not have been your responsibility.

DO NOT USE Calcium Hypochlorite.  It contains an insoluble, inert, white filler that is left behind on the surface that it was applied to.  It does not wash clean from windows without the need to re-wash the surface.  It does not break down into a product that is good for the plants. Sodium Hypochlorite is easy to find, biodegradable and degrades extremely quickly into salt and water.

Do you need a fragrance to cover or mask the smell of sodium hypochlorite?  Do you want to buy it directly from the manufacturer?  Pressure Washer Products is different!  We were the FIRST ones to carry the sodium hypochlorite stable surfactants.  Mix the fragrance and a surfactant and watch your savings grow.  Suppliers are using fragrances supplied by companies such as Horizon Aromatics, Chemia, Nilum or FloraChem.  These companies will be happy to sell directly to you.  Cut out the middle man.  Fragrances range from $0.25 to $14.99 per pound.  The more you pay to the manufacturer of the fragrances, the stronger the fragrance may be or better job the fragrance does of masking the sodium hypochlorite odor.

Horizon Aromatics:  http://www.horizonaromatics.com/
This is a great company!  Keep in mind that this is a fragrance and it will be expensive because YOU are in CONTROL of the RATIOS.  Ask for the samples and buy your favorite fragrance.
302-273-3605 or Fax at 610-828-0936
201 East Elm Street
Consohohocken, PA 19428
Products:  Rain Clean Scent   4850-CRC, WS, Fresh & Clean 4850-G, WS, Floral Fresh Scent   4850-FR, WS, Apple 4850-APB, WS, Lemon-Lime 4850-L, WS, Pine 4850-PINE, WS, Pine 4850-PIN, WS, Other Fresh Scent #4850 series, please ask, and Hypochlorite Deodorant  4851 series

Chemia Corporation:  http://www.chemiacorp.com/
11558 Rock Island Court  
Maryland Heights MO 63043
(314) 567-0013  (800) 726-1976 Fax (314) 567-0081  
Products:  Green Apple, Mountain Air, Fresh Fragrance, Clean and Fresh, Wintergreen, Sassafrass, Citrus, Lemon and Orange

Nilum:  http://www.nilodor.com/  
10966 Industrial Parkway NW  
Bolivar OH 44612  
Products:  Rain Fresh Nilium and Green Apple Nilium

FloraChem:  http://www.florachem.com/
5209 San Jose Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32207
904-733-5759   By Fax:  904-733-5950
Products:  Green Apple 

Watch Slo Mo in Action:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b94Wiwf4V0I&feature=youtu.be

Interested in checking out our Slo Mo:


Tile Roof Washes: 
In a 100 gallon container, thoroughly mix the following:
50 gallons of 10-12% FRESH Sodium Hypochlorite
49 gallons of cool water (NEVER hot water)
4-8 ounces of Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant   (or 2 quarts of Hang Tite)

Shingle or Composite Roofs: 
In a 100 gallon container, thoroughly mix the following:
30 gallons of 10-12% FRESH Sodium Hypochlorite
69 gallons of cool water (NEVER hot water)
4-8 ounces of Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant  (or 2 quarts of Hang Tite)
Metal Roofs: 
In a 100 gallon container, thoroughly mix the following:
20 gallons of 10-12% FRESH Sodium Hypochlorite
79 gallons of cool water (NEVER hot water)
4-8 ounces of Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant (or 2 quarts of Hang Tite)
Rinse QUICKLY and hit it with a water based wax or water based tire dressing for a wet look
House-washing including Vinyl Siding, Brick, Hardie Plank or Siding and Stucco:  Use a watered down version of the roof wash by adding more water and using your softwash system OR your downstream chemical injector or X-Jet and your pressure washer.  (Downstream injector:  Extend the length of your 1/4" injector pickup hose to allow you to drop it into your roof wash tank.  Most downstream injectors will pick-up a solution that will be up to 20% of your roof wash mix.  Use your 0030, 0040 or 0050 to apply soapy mixtures under eaves many stories up without needing a ladder  X-Jet:  Place roof wash mix in your container and allow the X-Jet to apply a diluted ratio of your mix to the house.)
If you need to remove a large number of spider webs or eggs that usually require brushing, use a more concentrated version of the house-wash mix to DISSOLVE the spider webs and eggs.  Our Stampede added to your mix helps remove this mess!

Neutralize the salt that burns the plants leftover from the Sodium Hypochlorite:  Use Gypsum

Irrigation Rust:
(Not for Rust from Metal Rust, Like Chairs or Tables or Rust Stains from Vehicle Radiators) 
Oxalic Acid Powder or Granules 99% (Purchased locally in a 50 pound bag, white powder;  Active ingredient in Rust-Aid) 
Mix 8 ounces up to 1 pound of Oxalic Acid per 1 gallon of  WARM or HOT Water (Heated water helps to dissolve powders)
Add Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant, Hang Tite or Dawn dish soap to use as a wetting agent even for horizontal surfaces
Mix Thoroughly
Use a pump up sprayer to apply to irrigation rust.  When it hits the rust, it should bubble up (similar to using hydrogen peroxide on a flesh wound)
Let DRY completely between coats for best results
Cedar Shingles, Wood Siding, etc. (2 STEPS) 
Become familiar with wood structure based on species.  Wood can be cleaned with a weaker solution of Sodium Hypochlorite.  Sodium Hypochlorite or Bleach will permanently damage the wood breaking down the cellulose or structure of the wood and remove the natural colors and tones if applied incorrectly at a very strong ratio.  A wooden surface is similar to your face.  It requires a cleaning, sloughing off, moisturizing and sealing.  Become familiar with the wood surface you are working with, ask respected industry experts, test multiple spots in inconspicuous areas and take before and after photos.  Cedar wood can be cleaned effectively with 800 psi and 1000 psi using the 25 and 40 degree spray nozzles.

     6 ounces of Sodium Percarbonate per gallon (Sodium Percarbonate purchased locally in a 50 pound bag, white powder)
     1 ounce of Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide (Purchased locally in a 50 pound bag, white powder, granules or flakes)
     Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant
     DO NOT USE SAME SPRAYER FOR BOTH STEPS.  Combination of two chemicals in first and second steps will cause combustion to occur.
     6 ounces of Oxalic Acid Powder or Granules 99% per 1 gallon of WARM or HOT Water  (Purchased locally in a 50 pound bag, white powder;  Active ingredient in Rust-Aid)
     Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant

CAUTION:  TriSodiumPhosphate or TSP is a white powder often used to etch the layer of gloss on painted or shiny surfaces and frequently used as a cleaning and degreasing agent in paint preparation.   
Avoid adding TSP to your soft-wash mixes for two primary reasons:
1.  If left to accidentally dry on glossy surfaces such as windows or shiny gutter or garage doors, TSP will cause permanent damage to the shiny surfaces and 'degloss' paint or glass and stain metal and cement surfaces.
2.  Use of TSP will give the possibility of violating the Clean Water Act or CWA.   If evidence of pollution by TSP or other pollutant by your company's services cause a fish kill, waterway plant death, eutrophication of nearby bodies of fresh or salt water, you may be held liable.  It is rare but can cost thousands in fines as warnings are almost never heard of.   Many states only allow the sale of a TSP substitute.  

Degreasers by Pressure Washer Products available locally in Clearwater, Florida:

1.  PWP's Stampede Plus Degreaser:  Petroleum Oil and Greases (Gas Stations, Drive Thru's, Heavy Equipment and Driveway Stains)

2.  PWP's FOG Away:  Fats, Oils and Greases from Food By-Products  (Restaurant Rear Entrance, Barbecue Grill Drippings on Deck, Sun Tan Oil and Restaurant Exhaust Hoods)


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